Moments of peace in Aspen, Colorado

So many places pale in comparison with their spruced up, photo-shopped counterparts. As much as I love it, Paris isn’t half as glamorous as it looks in the glossies; London is distinctly grey most of the time – and don’t even get me started on Thailand’s Maya Bay. Then there are the places that blow … Continue reading

Reflections: Oahu, Hawaii

Extract from my diary, September 6th 2011: What a f**king day! I went SKY DIVING! 14’000 feet, jumped out of a plane strapped to a man I’d met five minutes earlier! ‘What the hell am I doing?’ was pretty much all that was going through my head the entire time preceding the jump. Seriously, what … Continue reading

Reflections: My Travel Journal

It has been a whole year since I set off on my RTW trip. Weird. Anyone who has travelled long-term – heck, anyone who is vaguely aware of their lives trickling by gets creeped out by how quickly time moves on. It’s pretty scary, but should remind us to make the most of it. This … Continue reading