Travel Confession: I went on a package holiday (and I liked it)

Package holiday in Lanzarote

‘Welcome to Lanzarote everybody! Can I get a round of applause for our driver, Manolo?’, our smiley holiday rep, Samantha, encourages us over the coach mic. The holidaymakers around me whoop and clap. Eye twitching, I put my hands together slowly and cringe a half smile. I consider myself an independent traveller, yet there I … Continue reading

Review: Every City Tells a Story

I’m no art critic; I suffer from Museum Fatigue, an affliction I’m sure many of you have experienced.  No matter how riveting the pieces on show in any museum, gallery, or exhibition, I can only withstand half an hour before my eyes implode, my knees ache and my jaw forces out a yawn every thirty … Continue reading

Brit Fever: Bond, The Queen and Mr Bean

We Brits are fairly self-deprecating; we have a reputation for modesty and mild manners and according to the rest of the world, wouldn’t say boo to a goose. When I lived in Paris, I quickly learned to stop apologising when others rudely bumped into me in the 5pm rush, but it was a tough habit to beat. … Continue reading

I Have Reached My Destination – Part II

A while ago I wrote about my internship at My Destination. I’ve been working there for nearly six months now, loving every minute. It has been incredible to spend my days reading and writing about what I love the most: travel. It still doesn’t seem like ‘work’. No sinking feeling of dread on Sunday nights … Continue reading

Maya Bay: Heaven or Hell?

Whether you’ve been to Thailand or not, the likelihood is that you are familiar with Maya Bay. Just a swift long-tail boat ride away from Koh Phi Phi, nestled among the islands and inlets of the Phi Phi archipelago, Maya Bay – of The Beach fame – is now one of the most popular attractions in Southern … Continue reading

Falling in Love With London

Two months on from my rather disgruntled post, 5 Reasons London Hates Me, I’ve come to a realisation: London was playing hard to get. Just like the infuriating behaviour of primary school boys, London was twanging my bra straps and pulling my hair not to upset me, but to gain my attention (just to clarify, primary … Continue reading

Why I Travel

EasyJet Holidays have recently launched the #InspirationInitiative, asking travel fanatics to share what inspires THEM to travel.  I don’t need much persuading, so here we have it! Runaway Jane, Reclaiming My Future, Rexyedventures, Journey Tom and What’s a Backpacker, I dare you to get involved!   Who – He’s already been mentioned by a few … Continue reading

5 Reasons London Hates Me

London hates me; it’s decided. I arrived five weeks ago, wide-eyed and wonderfully optimistic and the city slapped me around the face and rolled its eyes disdainfully. ‘Another newbie’, it thought, before resolving to grind me down into just another pessimistic, unshockable Londoner. That thankfully hasn’t happened yet, but London is certainly doing its best … Continue reading

Mind over Melanin

My tan has left me. My much loved and nurtured melanin has officially left the building. I am very upset about this. I thought our relationship was deep, but eventually my beloved turned out to be like all the others; flaky and afraid of long-term commitment. I’m devastated. But seriously, has it reached that stage … Continue reading

Eat, Pray, Love (but not necessarily in that order)

Before I embarked on my four month adventure across three continents, my friends and family liked to muse on what the enlightened, future well‐travelled Emma would be like. My best friends envisaged me returning with a few tattoos, a new hemp wardrobe and a dread-locked hippy boyfriend named Sunshine. Others presumed I would keep travelling … Continue reading