10 reasons to travel on the Eurostar

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been to Paris. But almost every time, I’ve taken the Eurostar to get there. A recent trip reminded me just how much I love it and I decided to share the joy. Here are my 10 reasons to travel on the Eurostar. 1. You don’t have to … Continue reading

Review: GowithOh apartment rental in Paris

When I recently tweeted asking for accommodation recommendations for an up-coming trip to Paris, I was impressed to receive the following from a company I had never heard of before: The options I found on gowithoh.com weren’t half bad. Airbnb had unfortunately failed me (I was struggling to find anything suitable and my requests had been … Continue reading

Paris, Je T’aime

Here is an article I wrote for the uni paper in 2008, during my year in France. Writing it was a theraputic experience, relieving me of the frustrations I felt as a foreigner attempts to integrate, and refreshing my love of the City of Light. Life and Loves in Paris Paris is known as the … Continue reading

Paris, Je T’aime Encore

As a keen traveller with persistently itchy feet, I try to avoid visiting the same place twice. Afterall, we’re only on this Earth once and I intend to see as much of it as possible. That said, there is something about Paris that draws me back year after year. My fascination began whilst on a … Continue reading