Fox & Squirrel Lindsay Faller

Review: Fox & Squirrel’s Brixton food walk

When it comes to my appetite for travel, and my greed for exploring new sights and cultures, I’m insatiable. Sometimes though, I’m just hungry. Which is why I immediately accepted an invitation from Fox & Squirrel to eat my way through Brixton on their Guardian-approved walking tour. Little did I know, however, that the experience … Continue reading

Review: GowithOh apartment rental in Paris

When I recently tweeted asking for accommodation recommendations for an up-coming trip to Paris, I was impressed to receive the following from a company I had never heard of before: The options I found on weren’t half bad. Airbnb had unfortunately failed me (I was struggling to find anything suitable and my requests had been … Continue reading

Package holiday in Lanzarote

Travel Confession: I went on a package holiday (and I liked it)

‘Welcome to Lanzarote everybody! Can I get a round of applause for our driver, Manolo?’, our smiley holiday rep, Samantha, encourages us over the coach mic. The holidaymakers around me whoop and clap. Eye twitching, I put my hands together slowly and cringe a half smile. I consider myself an independent traveller, yet there I … Continue reading

Newsflash: Safestay’s £1 Bed Bonanza!

Who fancies a £1 stay in the swankiest hostel in London? You? Read on friends. I can’t believe it’s been a whole YEAR since I reviewed Safestay hostel. Over the past twelve months the hostel has gone from strength to strength, topping all sorts of lists (including Visit Britain’s best luxury hostels) and well and truly … Continue reading

Photo post: Island life, Koh Tao

I travelled to Koh Tao, Thailand in April 2013. Besides learning to dive, I also saw some rather beautiful scenery. At only 21 km², Koh Tao crams in as many stunning lookouts, golden bays and kaleidoscopic sunsets as possible, a small collection of which I present to you here. Follow Sparkyseestheworld on Instagram I travelled to … Continue reading

48 Hours in Florence – for foodies on a budget

Florence is a compact city; all narrow streets, cobblestones and hidden piazzas, sun-blushed buildings and peeling paint. The soundtrack is a symphony of click-clacking designer shoes, zippy motorbike engines and the chime of distant bells. It’s the perfect weekend getaway, with the right combination of history, beauty and of course, sigh-inducing food and drink. So, … Continue reading

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

Perched on Doi Suthep mountain with a glorious (but often hazy) view of Chiang Mai below, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a must-see if you make it to Chiang Mai on your travels in Thailand. This Buddhist temple is a very popular attraction, yet retains its spirit and peaceful atmosphere. Avoid the crowds by … Continue reading

Top Tips for Nervous First-time Scuba Divers

Scuba diving doesn’t appeal to everyone. For some, the prospect of experiencing an underwater world of Nemos and colourful coral just doesn’t quite quell the paralysing, self-shattering fear of meeting one’s end in the murky depths. Unfortunately, I am one of those people. Yet, I recently managed to complete my PADI open water course in … Continue reading

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

One must-do if you make it to Chiang Mai is the night bazaar. Whether you’re a hardened barterer, or prefer to wander and browse, it’s an essential Thailand experience. Finish up with a tasty roti! Image by beggs

The Little Blue Deli – Barry, South Wales

Barry. It doesn’t scream ‘travel destination’, I have to be honest. Not unless you’re a huge Gavin & Stacey fan, or are particularly partial to a good pub brawl. I don’t tend to venture there too much, despite it being the town in which many of my friends grew up, I went to school, and … Continue reading