Reflections: Half Moon Party, Thailand

On this day, last year, I was gearing up to have one of the best (and craziest) nights of my life! I’ve never really been a wild child – even at uni I struggled to manage two nights out in a row – but something happened to me in Thailand… Sunday 20th November 2011 ‘Where … Continue reading

A Thai Massage in Bangkok

As I deftly weaved my way through the spattering of dawdling tourists, a ripple of familiar pain danced its signature move across my back. Four months hauling my life around in a rucksack had taken their toll on my spine. My shoulder blades were embedded amongst tight, knotted muscle, and the extra weight felt increasingly … Continue reading

Reflections: Oahu, Hawaii

Extract from my diary, September 6th 2011: What a f**king day! I went SKY DIVING! 14’000 feet, jumped out of a plane strapped to a man I’d met five minutes earlier! ‘What the hell am I doing?’ was pretty much all that was going through my head the entire time preceding the jump. Seriously, what … Continue reading

Reflections: My Travel Journal

It has been a whole year since I set off on my RTW trip. Weird. Anyone who has travelled long-term – heck, anyone who is vaguely aware of their lives trickling by gets creeped out by how quickly time moves on. It’s pretty scary, but should remind us to make the most of it. This … Continue reading

Maya Bay: Heaven or Hell?

Whether you’ve been to Thailand or not, the likelihood is that you are familiar with Maya Bay. Just a swift long-tail boat ride away from Koh Phi Phi, nestled among the islands and inlets of the Phi Phi archipelago, Maya Bay – of The Beach fame – is now one of the most popular attractions in Southern … Continue reading

Mind over Melanin

My tan has left me. My much loved and nurtured melanin has officially left the building. I am very upset about this. I thought our relationship was deep, but eventually my beloved turned out to be like all the others; flaky and afraid of long-term commitment. I’m devastated. But seriously, has it reached that stage … Continue reading

It’s Fiji time!

Now it’s not very often (I promise, Mum) that I wake up to find a strange man in my bedroom. I admit, it has happened on occasion (I know how to pick them), but never quite like this… My eyes open and I have that weird disoriented feeling that comes with constant hostel-hopping. The usual questions arise … Continue reading

Eat, Pray, Love (but not necessarily in that order)

Before I embarked on my four month adventure across three continents, my friends and family liked to muse on what the enlightened, future well‐travelled Emma would be like. My best friends envisaged me returning with a few tattoos, a new hemp wardrobe and a dread-locked hippy boyfriend named Sunshine. Others presumed I would keep travelling … Continue reading

Tick tock…

Four weeks. Five days. I’m stuck in that horrible limbo where you are aware that something huge is approaching rather rapidly, yet refuse to engage with all the preparation neccessary to make sure said huge event goes smoothly. I was always the same with exams. Sure I revised, ish, but always managed to spend copious … Continue reading


London-San Fransisco-LA-Hawaii-Fiji-Australia-Singapore-Bangkok. BOOKED. August 2011, here I come.