About Sparky

Emma Sparks is a work in progress.

Emigrating (albeit briefly) to New Zealand in 2002 introduced Emma to the rest of the world.

Living in Paris for seven months led her to scrutinize it.

Travelling for four months solo in 2011, she fell hopelessly in love with it.

She hopes and she dreams. She laughs. She makes mistakes. She has only recently learnt to appreciate a good cup of tea. Travel is her purpose. She loves to dance. She had Michael Jackson tickets…she’s still gutted. She’s a touch too sentimental. She’s wondering why she chose to write in the third person…

The goal: Never cease to appreciate the tragi-comic, painfully beautiful sensory overload we call life.

6 Responses to “About Sparky”
  1. Nice travel blog you have. Wrll done!

  2. Having just arrived in London for a (very) long while, coming across your blog really feels like serendipity. I hope you have many more travels ahead, and that they are as safe as they will be strange and wonderful.

  3. Life is a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing yours with the world

  4. Spongebob says:

    Hi Emma, read you blog post about learning to dive and that you are a faffer, have you had much of a chance to go diving since? Have you been diving in the UK yet?

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