Brit Fever: Bond, The Queen and Mr Bean

We Brits are fairly self-deprecating; we have a reputation for modesty and mild manners and according to the rest of the world, wouldn’t say boo to a goose. When I lived in Paris, I quickly learned to stop apologising when others rudely bumped into me in the 5pm rush, but it was a tough habit to beat.

In the run up to the Olympics, the British media as usual disseminated panic-inducing predictions of chaos and anarchy, instead of focusing on the positives the games would bring to the country. Are we afraid to big ourselves up? Are we frightened of failure? I know it’s against our nature but a little optimism wouldn’t go amiss.

Which is why I was thrilled to watch the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday night. The Boy and I were screaming at the screen and each other, eyes and grins as wide as can be. Look at what we have to be proud of. Look at our history, our future. The sense of humour Danny Boyle weaved through the entire spectacle is what I believe we are all about in the United Kingdom. An entire nation laughed knowingly as Rowan Atkinson reprised his comic Mr Bean character. We gasped as the Queen proved herself a BAFTA worthy actress. It was just plain awesome.

I haven’t felt such allegiance with our flag since Ginger Spice wore it as a mini dress over a decade ago. I’m feeling pretty chuffed actually. With four medals under our belts already I’ve got my fingers crossed for a gold. And I’m not even into sport.

What’s come over me? Brit fever, that’s what. Anyone else feeling it?

2 Responses to “Brit Fever: Bond, The Queen and Mr Bean”
  1. Waegook Tom says:

    Oh I have the fever too – just bummed out it’ll be over in a few days! The Opening Ceremony was AMAZING and I officially love The Queen even more than I did before.

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