Why I Travel

EasyJet Holidays have recently launched the #InspirationInitiative, asking travel fanatics to share what inspires THEM to travel.

 I don’t need much persuading, so here we have it!

Runaway Jane, Reclaiming My Future, Rexyedventures, Journey Tom and What’s a Backpacker, I dare you to get involved!  

Who – He’s already been mentioned by a few partakers of the Inspiration Initiative and I’m not surprised. Michael Palin combines the energy and enthusiasm of a curious young traveller with the wisdom and respect of a seasoned explorer. His cheeky sense of humour and knack for connecting with those he meets on the road encourages me to get out there and reminds me that smiles mean the same thing, in any language.

…I fancy him a little bit too.

I even wrote him a letter once to tell him that I thought he was pretty cool (and to suggest marriage); he never did call me…

When – When my parents told me we were moving to New Zealand I thought my life was over. I was fourteen. I couldn’t comprehend that there was a world beyond the four walls of my bedroom, let alone the United Kingdom. They didn’t have Top of the Pops or Walkers crisps or Ant and Dec in New Zealand, how was I going to survive? What about all my friends? I was not a happy bunny. Throw in some adolescent hormones and you can just picture the tantrums that were had.

We spent a year in Wellington before deciding to move back. I was equally devastated at the thought of leaving the new found home I had so warmed to.  When we touched down at Heathrow I was a completely different person to the one who had reluctantly left twelve months earlier. My eyes had been forcibly opened to the vast diversities and beauty of the world. My feet were no longer dragging… they were just infuriatingly itchy.

Where – The very act of travelling inspires me to travel even more. Most recently I visited Thailand to end my four month solo RTW trip. Being submersed in such a unique and drastically different culture is an unbelievable privilege that I think everybody should seek to experience. The gorgeous (and gorgeously priced) food was outrageously tasty, the massages were bone-crackingly divine and I kept having to pinch myself on the beaches, the water was just too blue to be true.

My day with the elephants in Chiang Mai, however, was the ultimate dream day. This is why I travel. I think the look of contentment on my face says it all.

What – What inspires me to travel? Curiosity. My sense of adventure. Escapism. The knowledge that we’ve only got one life (according to my culture anyway) and only one chance to see this planet we live on.

Intangible as these reasons are, they are my driving force. Travel is what gets me up in the morning, what makes me smile, what I look forward to, and look back on with a smile. It makes me feel alive and I strive to capture that feeling as often as possible.

Most important, is the feeling I get…the feeling of:

5 Responses to “Why I Travel”
  1. adventuretraveleditor says:

    Great post Emma, traveling is good for the soul


  2. Thanks Nick, I agree! 🙂

  3. Kathryn says:

    Enjoyed reading your entry. Glad you caught the travel bug!

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  2. […] a round-up so do check it out. I haven’t read them all yet but Emma’s entry on her blog Sparky Sees the World made me laugh and I found Toni’s post on Reclaiming my future very moving but there were so […]

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