I Have Reached My Destination

So I got a job. Well, an internship to be precise – and it’s in London and everything. I am ridiculously excited about this fact as not only am I now a fully functional, responsible(ish) member of society, but I also seem to be a valued member of the work force. I have yet to be chained to a photocopier, or burdened with a long list of lunchtime requests. In fact, I get to discuss, debate and write about travel, my passion, everyday. That’s pretty darn lucky, and don’t I know it.

Bondi Beach – My trip turned out to be great research!

I am officially a travel writing intern for My Destination, a travel website which is ‘locally informed’ and ‘globally inspired.’ The last two weeks have been a little overwhelming to say the least. In a matter of days I’ve gone from a permanently pyjama-clad unemployed graduate being loved and looked after by her precious mum, to a wannabe Londoner, sleeping on the couches of her pitying friends at night and playing grown-ups in the office by day. I’m finding my feet, taking my first steps in to the ‘real world’. It’s rather fun.

Things seem to have fallen in to place, for which I am incredibly grateful. Just knowing that I can wake up everyday and look forward to work is something I know many people only dream of. Interning may not make me rich, but it certainly makes me happy, which – until I get bored of value cornflakes and instant soups – is my priority.

Since it appears that much of my creative juice is now being poured in to the My Destination pot, this blog may take a back seat, for now. Either that, or it will take a different route. The majority of my travel anecdotes and general ramblings will now be available here, on the company blog. Check it out. I wrote my first post on my skydive in Hawaii and I have plenty more in the pipeline.

2 Responses to “I Have Reached My Destination”
  1. So, of course, we aren't 30! yet, but this song instantly came to my head when I saw "I'm all grown up" haha. http://youtu.be/Hn4J6yyMKKoI am so happy awesomeness decided to shake your hand, introduced herself, and said "let's be friends." Have fun playing grown up! 🙂

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