What the journey has taught me.

This summer is going to be EPIC.

I’ve decided. No matter what happens in terms of the STA WTI results (which are edging ever closer), I know I’m going to be on the road, doing my thing. And I can’t wait. This whole WTI application process has really altered how I think and feel about travel. Today, I was feeling a little emotional :

So I took some time to reflect on how far I’ve come over the past three and a half months.I’ve come up with some before and afters. Think of it as A Gok Wan style makeover. With less nudity.
Before: Shy and retiring type.  
After: Confident and proud to demonstrate my abilities.

Before this opportunity arose, I never thought I would be a blogger. Or a part of the twitter movement. It all seemed a bit narcissistic to me. I tend to be pretty self-deprecating, due to an average-female level of self-esteem and my terrible habit of criticising myself to the extreme. Why on earth would I put myself out there to humiliate myself in front of a crowd of internet users? Or worse, what if no-one was even interested? The thought of shameless self-promotion made me feel slightly queasy, but if I wanted to show the folks at STA what I was capable of, I had to suck it up. So here I am. Talking to YOU. Whoever you may be. It’s kinda fun!

Before: Slightly pessimistic 
After: Ever the worrier, but infinitely more positive.

I sent my WTI application in because I couldn’t bear not to give it a try. But I genuinely never expected to get this far. So all I would say to people is; have faith in yourself. I know I’m right for this job. I’ve never felt more confident about anything in my life. You have to be in it to win it. A radical change from the old me, whose attitude tended to be “What’s the point, I’ll never get it.” Finding that elusive quality, self-belief, is the only way to survive such an intensely emotional competition.

Before: Waiting for my life to begin.
After: Determined to make the most of life – and ridiculously excited!

Before this whole process, I of COURSE knew I wanted to travel. My imminent RTW trip isn’t a back-up plan due to the credit crunch, or something I’ve jumped to on a whim. I’m not doing it because that’s what the cool kids do. I have been waiting for this moment since I was fourteen. With mere weeks until I finish university forever, I am on the cusp of the most exciting period of my life. What the STA WTI has taught me is to be patient, and accept that the future is unknown. If I become one of the chosen ones, I will probably explode with excitement. If I don’t, I refuse to shy away from future challenges. After all;

The world isn’t going anywhere.

What do you think?

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