It’s the final countdown…

I have a vivid memory of my last ever school assembly in year 11. The P.E teacher Mr. Neil played Europe’s classic “The Final Countdown” to us, whilst giving us that look. You know, the one you get from your teachers when the pressure is on. All those months of preparation have boiled down to this one moment, and now it is up to you and you alone… yeah, that kind of look. He actually made us sit through the full 5 minutes 10 seconds of Joey Tempest’s crooning in an attempt to put the message into our 16 year old brains that this – was – IT. The song remained in my head throughout the following R.E class, and although we laughed at his vain attempts to frighten us into early revision, something stuck. The song became something of an anthem for our post GCSE parties.

So when I casually decided to check the World Traveller Intern homepage on a whim, knowing that STA could not have possibly been so organised as to update the page yet, I couldn’t believe my eyes:

 There I am, cheesy headshot and all. And I am ever. so. pleased.
Final stage. Final chance. The haunting intro of the song surfaced in my brain…

I was absolutely buzzing after my phone interview with the lovely Alex and feeling super positive. Just proves that you should trust your instincts people…

So what are my instincts for the next stage? A new video that captures “the essence and values of STA Travel” as I “get under the skin of my local community”… Well I have a few tricks up my sleeve. But looming essay deadlines, a French oral exam next week and the ever present revision pressures means it really is the final countdown this time. My degree is almost over – the competition that has given me a reason to push through all the hard work and focus on the future is almost over…

but life is just about to begin.
One Response to “It’s the final countdown…”
  1. Ru says:

    tricks up your sleeve eh? I can't wait to see everyone's videos! but ahhh only 6 days to make them in. insane!

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