Oh. My. Gosh.

So I made it. Top 20 baby!
This experience has had me on that classic metaphorical rollercoaster of emotion – the ups and downs have been intense. Yesterday was a spectacular high point. And unlike many of my theme park experiences, I managed to hold on to my lunch. Bonus.
Next step is a phone interview. Aside from being ever so slightly nervous at the thought of talking to the big cheeses at STA, I’m looking forward to having my say. This is my chance to give them an insight into my way of thinking, and if that doesn’t suit, then at least I’ll have been myself. Just hopefully not my blabbermouth, ineloquent, giggly self, who tends to make an appearance in high pressure situations…
So wish me luck folks. 
I want you crossing fingers, toes and eyes…

The competition has been ridiculously fierce, so I couldn’t believe it when I saw little old me nestled there next to my fave applicant, Paddy. He has been an amazing support throughout this process, helping me stay positive and never failing to have me in stitches. Paddy is your boy folks!

As for your girl…

2 Responses to “Oh. My. Gosh.”
  1. ahh look at us in that photo, two peas in a pod.Hahaha well done for top 20 stardom. Lets go for it!

  2. Ru says:

    awesome…so pleased you're in! if i dont win it, i want you to! 😛

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