Tweet-tastic or Twitter Trauma?

I probably shouldn’t admit to the folks at STA that I’m a bit of a cyberspace virgin. I like to think I’m pretty computer literate; I of course rely on the student’s social-lifesaver, facebook – in fact I’m rarely logged off – but I’ve never felt compelled to share every aspect of my day with complete strangers…

People may indeed want to hear about Lily Allen’s bowel movements but I’m pretty sure they’re not interested in mine. It’s not that I have nothing interesting to say – I’m just a bit old-fashioned. I keep a diary, I write letters, I’m a literature student and paper is what I’m comfortable with. So in preparing for the shift to technology, in an attempt to make myself known to the Gods holding my life in their hands (ie. The bunch in the STA office) I decided to do some research…

I can’t say I’m convinced.

For an English student, reading your favourite book (mine’s A Picture of Dorian Gray – first fact of this post that may or may not interest you, I don’t know…) through the medium of tweets is…well, disheartening. But I get the joke. All this technology business is already allowing me to meet other STA World Traveller Intern hopefuls, and rather than wanting to sabotage their applications to clear the path for me, I find myself “like”-ing their statuses and commenting on their blogs and videos. There is a whole community of people out there that are interested in the same things as me: TRAVEL! And I shouldn’t deny myself the pleasure of meeting them just because I’m a techno-novice. I’m getting quite into it actually. Not sure I’ll be quoting “2 b or not 2 b” in my Shakespeare essay though I’m afraid…


What do you think?

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