World Traveller Internship – The Stuff of Dreams.

So we’ve all heard of the University of Life.

It’s that mythical institution people mention when discussing their sparse curriculum vitae, or explaining where they learnt that party trick. As a student of English and French at the University of Warwick who spends most of her time dreaming of entering “the real world”, I can’t wait to move on to my postgraduate studies; travelling the globe.

I have itchy feet. I’ve practically scratched them off. I am raring to go – time is ticking and although there is the tiny matter of getting through my exams and graduating first, I know I’ll be on a plane before I know it, with only a backpack full of plasters and anti-insect spray to my name.

So you can imagine my screams of excitement, exhilaration and hope when, as I casually browsed the STA travel website (as I often do, to avoid the mounting pressures of impending deadlines) I see that they are launching a World Traveller Internship scheme. As in, giving two incredibly lucky people the chance to traverse our planet, on behalf of STA travel, documenting their undoubtedly awesome experiences. “ME, ME, ME!” every atom of my being is crying out. I deserve this! Imagine, being an intern, of the world. What an opportunity. That’s the kind of education I’m talking about. So I’m going for it. I’ve started this blog to record my journey – through the competition, through the world, through life.

Here we go.


What do you think?

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