10 reasons to travel on the Eurostar

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been to Paris. But almost every time, I’ve taken the Eurostar to get there. A recent trip reminded me just how much I love it and I decided to share the joy. Here are my 10 reasons to travel on the Eurostar. 1. You don’t have to … Continue reading

Budapest’s thermal baths: a beginner’s guide

The process of visiting Budapest’s baths can seem baffling, until you’ve experienced them – and even then they can confound. Never fear. There’s a reason they call me SPArky… Here’s the lowdown on testing those waters.   Bathing basics Enter grand building. Gawp at ceiling. Pick jaw off floor and locate ticket desk. Choose ticket option (if in … Continue reading

Porto's skyline

48 hours in Porto

Porto’s on the up, people. It’s cheap, walkable and drop-dead gorgeous, making it an ideal destination for a weekend break from the UK. Here are a few suggestions for the perfect trip.   What to do and see Livraria Lello 144 Rua das Carmelitas Potter fans, this one’s for you. One of the oldest book … Continue reading

Moments of peace in Aspen, Colorado

So many places pale in comparison with their spruced up, photo-shopped counterparts. As much as I love it, Paris isn’t half as glamorous as it looks in the glossies; London is distinctly grey most of the time – and don’t even get me started on Thailand’s Maya Bay. Then there are the places that blow … Continue reading


48 hours in Copenhagen

I recently treated myself to a Scandinavian city break (my first solo trip in far too long) and I’m so glad I chose to explore Denmark’s capital. As well as being the epitome of Nordic cool, the city was safe, walkable and quiet – quite the respite from London’s frantic streets. Here’s my guide to making … Continue reading

Review: Three’s travel accessory pack

Straight up: I received these products for review courtesy of Three UK. All opinions are my own, totally honest and not skewed by the fact I got a freebie. UK mobile network Three is all over the place these days. Their recent #holidaybraggie and #holidayspam campaigns have taken over social media and for good reason … Continue reading

[Photo post] Just back from Mauritius

I’m no photography expert; I’ve always fooled myself into believing that I can get away with my trusty iPhone and Instagram filters… But when I found out I was going to Mauritius, there was no question: I needed a decent camera. This was a once in a lifetime trip and it would have been a crime to rely … Continue reading

A Taste of Mauritius

My trip to Mauritius is imminent – this time next week I’ll be watching the sun set on my first night on the island – so when I was invited to sample some Mauritian cuisine in London courtesy of Shanti Maurice hotel, I felt I had a duty to attend in the name of pre-trip … Continue reading

A brief sojourn in Sardinia

I gripped the wheel at the standard 10 o’clock, 2 o’clock position I always assume when in control of a moving vehicle, knuckles only slightly whiter than usual this time. Navigating one’s way out of a European airport isn’t the gentlest introduction to driving abroad; unwieldy roundabouts, incomprehensible road signs, equally snail-paced fellow foreigners jerking … Continue reading

Fox & Squirrel Lindsay Faller

Review: Fox & Squirrel’s Brixton food walk

When it comes to my appetite for travel, and my greed for exploring new sights and cultures, I’m insatiable. Sometimes though, I’m just hungry. Which is why I immediately accepted an invitation from Fox & Squirrel to eat my way through Brixton on their Guardian-approved walking tour. Little did I know, however, that the experience … Continue reading